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Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd Launches Space Master – Workstation Combo System to improve Your Work Efficiency!

Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd Launched the computer system space master – the wall-mounted workstation (ORW10), which provides you with a flexible working platform that provides a flexible space for the computer system. Sit-Stand Wall Mount Workstation Combo System (ORW10) The screen bracket conforms to the international vesa association specification 100x100/75x75mm standard. It can be adjusted up to 124mm height according to the user's height. It can also provide +65 degree/-30 degree angle adjustment in the part of the large arm to avoid the user's height unsuitable. Causing occupational injuries; In the keyboard and mouse placement section, there is a keyboard tray that can be placed flat and closed. When you need to use it, put the keyboard tray flat. Whether it is left-handed or right-handed, the mouse can be pulled out to the left or right. , quite human design! In addition, there are often many wires in the work space, such as power cords, mouse cables, keyboard cables, etc., when the wire entanglement is messy, it also affects the working state. With our wall-mounted workstation ORW10, there is no need at all. Worried about this, regardless of the power cable of the screen, the USB cable of the keyboard, and the USB cable of the mouse, the corresponding cable design is designed to make the user work neatly and reasonably. In a clean ward, the wall-mounted workstation ORW10 provides the doctor/patient to explain the condition and needs to use the screen/host. When used, it can be stored on the wall without any space. In the busy hospital aisle, the wall-mounted workstation ORW10 can Providing people who need to query the information, enter the computer system to query, save time and effort; between large work machines, such as CNC Machine, wall-mounted workstation ORW10 can provide computer system, let the operator know the progress of the work, instant and high Efficiency; in the factory, the wall-mounted workstation ORW10 facilitates the operator to check the order data, saving time and improving work efficiency; with the computer space master ORW10, you don't need to take up space to put a computer desk to set up the computer system, and immediately make your working environment beautiful and neat. Points, work efficiency is effectively improved! Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd is a professional screen holder / TV wall mount / computer workstation / TV cart manufacturer. We had passed ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 13485 (medical grade ISO certification); if there is product demand, please email us, we’ll have a professional R&D team that can solve your various customization needs! Sincerely welcome interested manufacturers to contact us directly, we can solve any customized needs of you!

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