Medical Arm

Medical Long Arm(also will be called Bedside care cantilever ARM, Long Reach Arm, Ceiling Long Arm, A-Frame Arm, Medical Wall Mount Arm, Medical Bedside Arm, Hospital Monitor Arm, Bedside TV Mount, Bedside Terminal Arm, Patient Monitor Arm, Wall Mounted Cantilever ARM) ​is a nice integrated to transmit information data on the screen in the current digital medicine environment. Bedside care cantilever ARMs are designed elegant, sturdy, well organized cable management and easy to move the arm and monitor to your desired position, easy installation and clean.

Wall Mount(Monitor Support Range:2.5~6.5kg):ALW200, ALW210
Wall Mount(Monitor Support Range:6.0~12.0kg):ALW20L, ALW21L
Wall Mount(Monitor Support Range:1.0~6.5kg):ALW220, ALW230
Clamp Mount(Monitor Support Range:1~6.5kg):ALC240
Ceiling Mount:ALR200(Monitor Support Range:2.5~6.5kg), ALR20L(Monitor Support Range:6.0~12.0kg)
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