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Infotainment in hospital! A Frame arm from HIGHGRADE brings you best experience between doctor & patient communication!

Over the Bed Long Monitor TV Arms not only for Home, but Hospitals, to assist users in offering all-round service!
Our new Long Reach LCD Monitor Arm features built-in gas pneumatic spring design for easy and smooth movements. Enhancing users' Experience: Access Instant Messenger, Information and Entertainment at Hand. When not in use, the unit can be folded up and out of the way, an excellent space-saving feature for any room. Handle design facilitates easy operation and movement. This kind of arm makes the LCD wall mount a practical choice in businesses, office, doctors’ and nurse's office, clinics, hospitals and factories.

Highgrade is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of LCD Monitor Stand, providing Medical / Media Cart, Standing Workstation, LCD / LED TV Wall Mount , Touch Monitor Stand, Height Adjust Stand, Projector Mount and Tablet holder such for iPad. Products of superior quality and competitive price are our steadfast guarantee to our customers.

Recommend Products
Wall Mounted Cantilever ARM at Bedside for Hospital Patient Infotainment

The universal LCD ARM is designed for ease of use by patients, caregivers and clinicians alike. This model provides a full extension at the reach of 1,407 mm (55.39”) and 671 mm (26.42”) for cantilever ARM height adjust. Screen swivel can be up to 360° while Tilt can be lifted 20° upward and 60° downward. This shall enable patient to view display at an comfortable approach whilst sitting or lying on bed or seated in an adjacent chair.
Wall Mounted Cantilever ARM at Bedside for Hospital Patient Infotainment

In the era of the rise of modern digital medicial treatment, the development of ALW230 Monitor Arm Bracket is a revolutionary product that brings convenience to digital medicial treatment.To support the displayed digital audio/video and medical information of medical monitor equipment a perfect and sturdy arm is necessary and required.At this time, the birth of ALW230 Monitor Arm Bracket with its solid structure design and full use of space design can meet the best interpretation of modern medical treatment.
Clamp Mounted Cantilever ARM at Bedside for Hospital Patient Infotainment

ALC240 Monitor Arm Bracket, with a beautiful appearance design, smooth swing, adjusted telescopic angle, smart cable management and easy storage,can be used with all kind of medical devices and applied to any medical environment. The excellent product characteristics can be seen as easy & convenient installation, medium & reasonable size and easy to clean.
About Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd.
Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd. is a well-experienced LCD Wall Mount Manufacturer in Taiwan, offering Projector Mount, LCD Monitor Stand and Cable Management Column with superior quality. Our main products include Articulating Wall Mount, Fix LCD Wall Bracket, Free Angle Tilt Wall Mount and Ceiling Mount Bracket; superior quality is guaranteed. If you are searching for reliable LCD Wall Mount Manufacturer and Quad LCD Monitor Stand OEM Service, please feel free to contact us.
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Company name: Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd.
Contact no.:+886 2 22672280

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