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Smart Medical Mobile Carts support efficient and safe telemedicine

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, the medical industry has continued to enhance the ability of healthcare workers to combat the epidemic, with a focus on mobile telemedicine solutions. A number of companies in Taiwan are collaborating with hospitals to promote smart mobile medical programs to create a more efficient and safe telemedicine solution. Smart medical mobile carts/trolleys can be equipped with medical computers, network communications, long-lasting batteries, lenses and other devices. The camera, for example, can be controlled from a remote location to capture images from different angles to assist doctors in diagnosis. Doctors and Nursing Personnel can take care patients without entering the isolation ward. The carts also supports family members to video contact with patients, reducing the risk of infection. Or it can be deployed in remote regions for doctors to diagnose, patients don't need to visit the hospital.

Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd. has committed itself as a leading Solution Provider for Display Mounting on Medical / Healthcare IT. Health Care and Ergonomics have been our constant focus. Inherited a legacy on hinge know-how, Highgrade provides a broad diversified product line on helping clients to improve routine workflow on caregiving, offering ergonomic assistance to individuals, leading users for accessible interactivities, etc. The positive experience has well collaborated and we earned the credits from global clients.

Recommend Products
CNH02-HealthCare Mobile Computer Cart with Height Adjustable Module
CNH02, defined as a mobile computing cart, featured as non-powered model with manual LIFT. It’s designed to support one display with ergonomic torque adjust to meet most uses in need. Internal compartment has been implemented with sufficient room for mini form factor while external kit available for larger CPU form factors. Ergonomic accessories have been set up as default which cover scanner holder, tilted K/B tray, mouse holder, ventilation fan and storage bin, etc.
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RLPAB5 - Mobile Roll Stand Solutions for Medical Devises
The products are convenient and adjustable lifting from 72.70cm to 119.70cm. It suitable for all kinds of height users, advanced, lightweight construction. RLPAB5 has been designed to be comfortable and ergonomically correct whether you are pushing, pulling, sitting or standing. Effortless to maneuver in any environment. The product design is highly perfect, nice color configuration, and it shows like deluxe merchandise. .
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Company name: Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd.
Contact no.:+886 2 22672280
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