Novel style with full function - HA770L Multifunctional Monitor Lifting Stand


HA770L Height Adjust Stand
Why you need a Height Adjustable Stand?
A Height Adjustable Stand also allows you to adjust the height, depth, and angle of your monitor in order to find the setup that works perfectly for your body and workflow. This kind of stands help eliminate computer eyes strain by allowing you to position your monitor screen at the optimal viewing height, angle, position, and distance, so that you aren't straining your eyes to view your work. Declutter, organize, and optimize the working space on your desk.

Highgrade is a reliable, well-developed and professional manufacturer of LCD Monitor Stand, providing LCD / LED TV Wall Mount , Touch Monitor Stand, Height Adjust Stand, Projector Mount and EReader holder such for iPad. Products of superior quality and competitive price are our steadfast guarantee to our customers.

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Novel style with full function - HA770L Multifunctional Monitor Lifting Stand

HA770L Monitor Lifting Stand with its restrained design can make the monitor match your space. The material from rugged aluminum alloy can mount 50Kgs, which is enough to support the mounting of multi-displays. With Multi-angle adjustment, left and right rotate angle can be adjusted by 360 degrees, tilting angle -5 ~ + 25 degrees and base with perfect up and down adjustable function, HA770L can be used in all positions in the space.It's lightweight and beautiful appearance design can well fit the environment you are using now,All user's need in space under different conditions can be satisfied.
  • You can easily raise or lower your display five inches (13 cm), pan right/left, tilt up/down or rotate for portrait/landscape viewing.
  • Height adjustment: Use mechanical spring instead of screw or pneumatic bar, easy to adjust, longer life and less recession
  • Tile adjustment: Use mechanical spring instead of screw, easy to adjust, longer life and less recession
  • Unique swivel capability allows you to spin the stand to easily share screen views with others. Even it has a rotatable and non-slip base.
  • Sleek, durable, easy-to-clean plastic exterior
  • Unlike similar products on the market that only support 24" screens, HA770L can support (max.) 32" screens and is tall enough to keep the screen at the right distance from the desktop when placed upright.

    ***Notice: Curved screen due to different screen center of gravity, when you use HA770L, the screen size shall not be larger than 27 inches and the weight of screen shall not be larger than 8kgs
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