Medical Cart

With a heritage on hinge technology and a Medical Cart Manufacturer, Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd. is committed to provide a wide range of best-in-class solutions for the Healthcare Industry. The intuitive series have been included with Mobile Carts, Workstation Kits, Bedside ARMs, Medical/Media Mounts, etc. They are in innovative design to improve the working experience between wards and nurse stations and for professional caregivers to meet most EMR, Clinical Documentation, Medication Dispensing and Workflow, etc.

Rolling Stand: RLE200, RLI300, RLP200, RLT200
Simple cart: CSB020, CSB02L, CSH020, CSH02L, CSHL2L, CSN020
Mobile Computer trolley: CNN02, CNH02, CNR02, CND02, CNT02

They are widely used as Mobile work trolley, Nursing Trolley, E-care trolley, Medication change cart, Mobile Healthcare Workstation, Nursing medical trolley, Instrument trolley in wards, clinics, nursing stations, clinics, nursing centers, nursing homes, etc.
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