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Wall Mounted Cantilever ARM at Bedside for Hospital Patient Infotainment

Patient Monitor Arm is a nice bridge between the doctor and patient. It sustain the patient monitor besides the bed and doctor uses the data on the screen to explain the disease to patient. Highgrade is a professional monitor arm, monitor stand, TV brackets, medical cart, mounting solution manufacturer. The patient arm ALW210 is a bedside arm with wall mounted solution. It is also available for Ceiling mounting solution as ALR200. They have the both common part arm articulating long arm ALB210. So when it is assembled with wall box AAB001, it will make a complete wall mounted bedside arm ALW210. When it is assembled with ceiling pole AAR001, then it is a ceiling bedside arm ALR210.

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Complete System
Net Weight 11 Kg(24.25 lbs)
Dimension(W*H*D)   200x1512x1968mm( 7.87"x59.53"x77.48 )
Screw Type M4
Material Steel/Aluminum Alloy/Plastic
Display System
Hinge Module Swivel(Hinge) +/-185°
Tilt -60° ~ +20°
User Torque Adjust Available
Display Support Mounting Pattern 100x100 / 75x75 mm
Display Type Single Monitor
Panel Size Support 15"~24"
Support Weight (Range) 2.5~6.5kg(5.5~14.3lbs)
Height Adjust ARM Swivel (1) +/-90°
ARM Swivel (2) +/-185°
Height Adjustment Range(Arm) 890mm (35.04")
Tension Torque Adjust Yes
Tilt(Arm) -55°(down) ~ +25°(up)
Extended Arm Provided 2
Cable Management Yes

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