Tablet Arm / Tablet Stand
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Ergonomic Pad / Tablet Stand, Key Lock series with Grommet Base

Desk tablet arm is a stylish design with diagonal arm claws and two arms activities to make the operation easy and simple. It is also built with key lock to prevent the tablet being stolen in public area. Besides of this anti-theft mechanism design, we also provide Kensington lock hole for user to prevent that the whole arm including the tablet being taken off completely.

IAI200 provides the 360 degrees rotation for best viewing angle, the arm is adjustable to put your device either vertically or horizontally. Adjust tilt angle and height adjust function. Support 9~11 inches Tablet (suggested) Available in black and white color.
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Cable Management
Complete System
Net Weight 2.62kg(5.78 lbs)
Dimension(W*H*D)   624 x 565 x 123 mm(24.57" x 22.24" x 4.84")
Material Steel/Aluminum Alloy/Plastic
Display System
Hinge Module Swivel(Hinge) +/-90°
Tilt(Hinge) -20° ~ +90°
Pivot 360°
User Torque Adjust Available
Display Support Mounting Pattern(Diagonal) 290~344 mm(11.42"~13.54")
Suggested Tablet Size 9"~11"
Support Max. Weight Max. 2.5kg (5.51lbs)
Thickness 7~10.4 mm(0.28"~0.41")
Height Adjust Height Adjustment Range
( Arm )
315 mm (12.4" )
Tension Torque Adjust Yes
Tilt(Arm) -30°(down) ~ +65°(up)
Extended Arm Provided 2

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