Medical Arm
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Wall Mounted Cantilever ARM


Wall Mounted Cantilever ARM at Bedside for Hospital Patient Infotainment

The best solution for the use of digital audio/video information for medical devices - ALB20L Monitor Arm Bracket Module

In the era of the rise of modern digital medicial treatment, the development of ALB20L Monitor Arm Bracket Module is a revolutionary product that brings convenience to digital medicial treatment.To support the displayed digital audio/video and medical information of medical monitor equipment a perfect and sturdy arm is necessary and required.At this time, the birth of ALB20L Monitor Arm Bracket Module with its solid structure design and full use of space design can meet the best interpretation of modern medical treatment.

ALB20L Monitor Arm Bracket Module, with a beautiful appearance design, smooth swing, adjusted telescopic angle, smart cable management and easy storage,can be used with all kind of medical devices and applied to any medical environment.In a word, ALB20L Monitor Arm Bracket Module comes from the extraordinary design capabilities of Highgrade R&D team.

In the current digital medical environment to transmit data/message information and in the future wards to intergrate digital video/audio require an integrated hardware as a framework.ALB20L Monitor Arm Bracket Module is indeed designed to meet this kind of requirement.The excellent product characteristics of ALB20L Monitor Arm Bracket Module can be seen as easy & convenient installation, medium & reasonable size and easy to clean.

Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of mobile medical cart / screen stand / TV wall mount / computer workstation / TV cart .with international certification of ISO 9001: 2015. and ISO 13485 (medical ISO certification ).If any product requirements, please feel free to send us inequiry for a discussion.We have a professional R&D team that can solve a varity of your customized needs.
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Download :ALB20L Specification (124 KB)
Complete System
Net Weight 8.2Kg(13.67lb)
Dimension(W*H*D)   164x1295x1389mm( 6.46"x50.98"x54.68 )
Screw Type M4
Material Steel/Aluminum Alloy/Plastic
Display System
Hinge Module Swivel(Hinge) +/-185°
Tilt -60° ~ +20°
User Torque Adjust Available
Display Support Mounting Pattern 100x100 / 75x75 mm
Display Type Single Monitor
Panel Size Support 15"~24"
Support Weight (Range) 6~12kg(13.23~26.46 lbs)
Height Adjust ARM Swivel(1) +/-90°
ARM Swivel(2) +/-185°
Height Adjustment Range(Arm) 671mm (26.42")
Tension Torque Adjust Yes
Tilt(Arm) -55°(down) ~ +25°(up)
Extended Arm Provided 2
Cable Management Yes

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