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Ceiling Mounted Cantilever ARM


Ceiling Mounted Cantilever ARM at Bedside for Hospital Patient Infotainment

Being mounted on the ceiling, this LCD ARM is designed for ease of use by patients, caregivers and clinicians alike. This model provides a full extension at the reach of 1,504 mm (59.21”) and 671 mm (26.42”) for cantilever ARM height adjust.

Yet; the comfort on patient is always the priority Highgrade concerns. Screen swivel can be up to 360° while Tilt can be lifted 25° upward and 55° downward. This shall enable patient to view display at an comfortable approach whilst sitting or lying on bed or seated in an adjacent chair.

All essential cables and wires will be installed inside the ARM – so the complete outlook will be neat & clean. (can be cleaned using hospital grade chloride bleach based solution)

Gas spring has been embedded so the ARM can be handled at finger tops – easy !! Moreover; torque adjust has been there to meet various displays with counter balances at user’s preferences.

Yet; Highgrade does not forget details - Safety mechanism surely is the priority on top. For example, user will find bumpers there to save potential collision – both for display and cantilever arms.
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Download :ALR200 Specification (106 KB)
Complete System
Net Weight 17.7 kg (39.02 lbs)
Dimension(W*H*D)   250x2673x1504mm(9.84"x105.24"x59.21" )
Screw Type M4
Material Steel/Aluminum Alloy/Plastic
Display System
Hinge Module Swivel(Hinge) +/-185°
Tilt -60° ~ +20°
User Torque Adjust Available
Display Support Mounting Pattern 100x100 / 75x75 mm
Display Type Single Monitor
Panel Size Support 15"~24"
Support Weight (Range) 2.5~6.5kg(5.5~14.3lbs)
Height Adjust ARM Swivel (1) +/-90°
ARM Swivel (2) +/-185°
Height Adjustment Range(Arm) 671mm (26.42")
Tension Torque Adjust Yes
Tilt(Arm) -55°(down) ~ +25°(up)
Extended Arm Provided 2
Cable Management Yes


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