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Sit-Stand Integrated Desk Workstation


Sit-Stand Integrated Desk Workstation

Sit-Stand Desk Mount System WED915 provides ergonomic movement throughout the day. It enable height adjust and ergonomic use of flat display or AIO PC at effortless touch, flexible use on keyboard with either side mouse pads. Nevertheless, user can stand up or sit - working on existing jobs without interruption or extra install.

It's agreed, either computer users, IT professional or office staffs can find respective benefits on using this Sit-Stand Combo while Highgrade offers premium features to result true wellness & productivity.
1. Provide up to 485 mm (19.09") of smooth vertical adjustment.
2. User-friendly torque adjust both available display weight & spring tension adjusts.
3. Design for ultimate possibilities at desk corners or rear sides where to result more space for users.
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Download :WED915 Specification (209 KB)
Complete System
Net Weight 24.32kg(53.62lbs)
Dimension(W*H*D)   915 x 607 x 485 ( 36.02" x 23.90 x 19.09" )
Material Steel/MDF/Plastic
Support Weight (Max.) 2kg(4.4lbs) ~15kg (33.07lbs)
Height Adjustment(Range) 115mm ~ 485 mm ( 4.53" ~ 19.09" )
Height Adjustment 370mm ( 14.57" )
Max.Working Space 915 x 600mm ( 36.02" x 23.62" )


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