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Intelligent medical equipment expert - We bring you the best service and products!


In a modern ageing society, medical equipment focuses on intelligent design. Through the assistance of various tools, it increases the working efficiency of nursing staff. Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd.contributes itself to intelligent medical equipment with its own expertise.


Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltdis a well-experienced LCD Wall Mount Manufacturer in Taiwan, offering Projector Mount, LCD Monitor Stand and Cable Management Column with superior quality. Our main products include Articulating Wall Mount, Fix LCD Wall Bracket, Free Angle Tilt Wall Mount and Ceiling Mount Bracket; superior quality is guaranteed. If you are searching for reliable LCD Wall Mount Manufacturer and Quad LCD Monitor Stand OEM Service, please feel free to contact us.


Among the professional medical equipment products of Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd.the hottest products are listed below. Interested customers are welcome to contact us!

Medical Workers Best Helper-CNH02 HealthCare Trolley Display Mobile Cart 

  • Description

When the doctors check the room, they can use the screened nursing cart to report the results of the image report, so that patient and family can understand better patient's condition information. The nursing cart will immediately transmit the information to the nursing station, greatly reduce the paperwork and improve the efficiency of medical operations. The medicines can be placed in the drawers and the nurses can provide the medicines needed by the patients in time……

  • Features
  1. Adjustable desktop 80cm-130cm lifting range, screen with 13cm free adjustment, suitable for all height users
  2. Supports up to 24” screen, standard VESA hole 75x75, 100x100
  3. Free choice of file holder, scanner holder, medical trash can, medical drawer etc.
  4. Pull out desktop, cleanable keyboard tray
  5. Quiet, low-noise medical mute wheel and lockable function
  6. Cooling fan on the side of the desktop for computer



Multiple applications and angles adjustment-ATC20 Cantilever Spring Arm desk / table stand 

  • Description

The ATC20 is a desktop-type screen mount that is clip-on-locked to the edge of the tabletop to save space and eliminate damage to the table and wall. The operation mode is simple. As long as it is clamped at the edge of the desktop, the large screw of the lower edge can be locked by hand.

  • Features
  1. Maximum support for 24” screen or TV
  2. A variety of angles to adapt to the user's sitting or standing position
  3. Push the display away when not in use for added comfort
  4. Collect all the wires and give you a clean space for working.
  5. Suitable for space-constrained user, easy to gain convenience and comfort.


Necessary equipment for interactive teaching and business seminars-CPM860 Moblie Trolley Cart For Large Touch Screens 

  • Description

Equipped with four durable casters, low noise and lockable. Users can enter the conference room and classroom more quietly and for the safety of the user. It also got CE certification. CPM860 can meet the needs of interactive teaching and business seminars, and envision for more creative use, hoping to bring more fun for users.

  • Features
  1. Can support screens up to 80” and 120kg
  2. Well-structured base, solid model with aluminum alloy, side tray
  3. Universal VESA mounting mode (max. 800x600 mm)
  4. Adjustable screen height and a remote control for adjusting the height of the screen


Sincerely welcome interested customers to know more details, please visit the official website or contact us directly!


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