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Electrical Lift Conference Mobile Display Trolley Cart, CTP441

HIGHGRADE TECH. CO.,LTD. is a leading provider of Electrical Lift Conference Mobile Display Trolley Cart and performance products and is recognized throughout the Electronic Supplies industries for its complete selection, superior customer care, and fast delivery. In addition to CTP441, Electrical Lift Conference Mobile Display Trolley Cart, Electrical Lift Trolley Cart, Display Cart, Conference Trolley Cart, Mobile Cart, we also specialize in providing Electrical Lift Conference Mobile Display Trolley Cart.
Mobile TV Cart


Electrical Lift Conference Mobile Display Trolley Cart

With a heritage on hinge technology, Highgrade Tech. is committed to provide best-in-class solutions for the Healthcare and Ergonomic Application.

CTP441, defined as a mobile Trolley for digital contents & conference, featured as an powered cart platform with electrical LIFT for display. It’s designed to support one large display at a max. mount pattern of 400 x 400 mm while e-lift shall park display at the position you expect. The mount module can be swiveled, tilted & rotated while its torque can be adjusted as well. A device tray & storage bin will be a default accessory along with the package.

It's cost effective and good for the use on video conference/presentation, media/information and demonstration, etc. – Best Mate to Your Digital Contents.
Specification :

Complete System
Net Weight 22.1 kg (48.73 lbs)
Packaged Dimension W1545xD383xH392 mm ( 60.83" X15.08" X15.43" )
Screw Type M4, M5, M6, M8
Material Alumimum Alloy / Plastic / Steel
Power System
Input Voltage(Charger) AC-in 100~240V 50/60 Hz
User Interface
Control Panel Button ( Up / Down )
Display System
Hinge Module Tilt +/-15°
Pivot 360°
User Torque Adjust Available
Display Support Max. Mount Pattern 400x400mm
Display Type Single Monitor
Panel Size Support 26" ~ 52" Suggested
Max. Weight Load 50 kg (110.2 lbs)
Base System
Caster No. 4
Locking / Brake Front 2
Main Lift Lift Handle / Tray No
Height Adjust Range 455 mm ( 17.9" )
Tension Torque Adjust Not Applicable *
*Locking the Display & Main Lift are always essential before the cart setting for move.
Cable Management Yes
RoHS/REACH Compliance Yes

Features :

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