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An ideal healthcare solutions – simple mobile computing cart CSH02L, CSH02L

HIGHGRADE TECH. CO.,LTD.’s team is second to none. With our extensive experience, we have successfully attained a remarkable position in the market. Furthermore, our knowledge, energy and passion ensure you achieve the best possible outcome for your customers. Our company is a well-known manufacturer of premium grade An ideal healthcare solutions – simple mobile computing cart CSH02L in Taiwan.
An ideal healthcare solutions – simple mobile computing cart CSH02L


An ideal healthcare solutions – simple mobile computing cart CSH02L

In the modern of medical era the development of simple mobile computing cart CSB020 is obvious revolutionary in medical field. For the product that not only brings convenience in medical treatment but also shows perfect color matching, streamlined style and solid structural design for all modernized medical requirements. Also, it is superiority than traditional medical system.

The products are convenient and adjustable lifting from 83.30cm to 123.30cm. It suitable for all kinds of height users, advanced, lightweight construction and completely smooth movement in any environment.
The product design is highly perfect, nice color configuration, and it shows like deluxe merchandise. The construction is firm able to load 1~10 kgs of capacity which completely effortless to use and esay to assemble and operate for the cart. Monitor arm loading is from 2 to 8kgs also it can up and down 13cm. Everyone can easily adjust the suit height directly.

In the traditional general medical environment, the transmission of data and information is manual transmission, which often leads to errors or delays in data. Nowadays, medical treatment has entered a high grade of digitization. Medical data often needs to be processed by computer equipment. At this time, if there is a mobile cart that can be equipped with medical computering equipment, convenient to move in the ward or related clinics. Furthermore, it can close with each other, answer medical feedback in time, without taking any other space, easy to operate, and expand the relevant mounting equipment for medical treatment.

Highgrade Tech. Co., Ltd. is a professional mobile medical cart/ screen stand/ TV wall mounting / computer workstation and TV cart manufacturer. ISO 9001: 2015 & ISO 13485 approved. (medical grade ISO certification).
If you have any further requirements, please feel free to contact us. We have a professional R&D team that can provide your various customization needs.
Specification :

Complete System
Overall Load Capacity 10~18 kg (22.05~39.68 lbs)
Net Weight 18.7 kg (41.14 lbs)
Packaged Dimension

760 x 726 x 283 mm (29.92" x 28.58" x 11.14")

Display System
Hinge Module Swivel N/A
Tilt -5° ~ +25°
Pivot 360°
User Torque Adjust Available
Display Support Mounting Pattern 100x100mm/75x75mm
Display Type Single Monitor
Panel Size Support ≦24'' Suggested
Weight Load 2~8 kg (4.4~17.6 lbs)
Height Adjust Range 130 mm (5.12" )
Tension Torque Adjust Yes
Working Space
Type Desk Open Workspace
Working Space Dimension 516 x 406 mm ( 20.31" x 16" )
Load (including compartment loading) 10~18 kg (22.05~39.68 lbs)
Protection Skidproof at edge Yes
Handle Yes
Optional / Accessories
Laptop Module ACN020
Keyboard Tray ACK030
Storage Bin ACD020
Drawer ACB100 / ACB120 / ACB140 / ACB10M
PC Holder ACP01
Power Adaptor Holder ACPA01
Base System
Caster No. 4
Locking / Brake Front 2
Low Noise Yes
Main Lift Height Adjust Range 400 mm ( 15.7" )
*Locking the Display & Main Lift are always essential before the cart setting for move.
RoHS/REACH Compliance Yes

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Our company is a professional manufacturer of Mobile Cart, Articulating Wall Mount, LCD TV Wall Mount Bracket, specializing in providing An ideal healthcare solutions – simple mobile computing cart CSH02L with superior quality. To reach many people, our products must be of good quality and affordable. We design with our customers’ needs in mind. We are committed to understanding our customer's business to provide true commercial value in our operations.